Vibco 50 series piston vibrator

piston vibrator 50 series vibco vibrators


The perfect choice for the toughest material flow problems - sticky, high-moisture, and coarse materials are no match for the high impact, linear force of a VIBCO Model 50 Piston Vibrator.   Read a VIBCO Piston Vibrator customer story

Use VIBCO Model 50 Piston Vibrators on bins, chutes, and weigh batchers. Compact powdered and viscous materials in containers and forms; activate screens and precipitators. 

VIBCO Model 50 Vibrators are used in thousands of applications in mining, chemical, plastics, concrete products, foundry, steel and paper industries. See how VIBCO users solve material flow problems. 

Model 50 Options

Use VIBCO Model 50-S wherever noise is a concern. The 50-S piston vibrators use air to cushion the piston impact and reduce noise - typically by 10 dB or more. The high thrust oscillatory action permits operation even at low air pressures. If you are replacing a standard piston with a silent model, use the next size up.

For Silent & Long Stroke Silent Units
Use this accessory to reduce exhaust noise and protect the working parts of vibrator in dusty atmospheres, resulting in lower maintenance and prolonged life. The threaded exhaust makes this an excellent choice for closed sanitary systems.

Use  VIBCO 50-L Piston Vibrators when you need a larger impact to move fluffy, low density and wet or sticky materials. The 50-L model is especially suited for packaging and screening because the extra-long bodies give high amplitude, high force and low frequency vibration.  Available in 2” and 3” piston sizes. Model 50-LS - Air-Cushioned Model. Silent models are also available with silencer & dustproofer.

Use VIBCO Extended Piston Vibrators on portable tote bins or hoppers. They have a 5/8” stroke and threaded extension for attaching to rods or bumpers. The air cushioned piston operates quietly at 2400 VPM, 60 PSI & 8 CFM.  Need a vibrator for tote bins? Watch this video of our New Stik-It™ Portable Vibrator Mount

A High Impact Choice

Smart buyers choose VIBCO Piston Vibrators to provide high impact and efficient energy transfer for a smooth flow of material through bins, chutes, weigh batchers and other bulk material applications. Ideal for heavy industry, mining, chemical plants, plastics, manufacturing, foundries and paper plants, VIBCO's Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are reliable, durable, and guaranteed to perform.

VIBCO is the only vibrator manufacturer that offers One-Piece design and All-Steel models of flange-mounted piston vibrators in standard and silent models. VIBCO's Silent Piston Vibrators are air-cushioned to minimize noise while still providing the necessary force. We also offer light-weight, low cost "Big Red" End-Mounted Piston Vibrators and continuous duty High Energy Impactors. All VIBCO Piston Vibrators require lubricated air.

VIBCO Pneumatic Piston Vibrators really hit the mark!

  1. Low Cost — fewer parts mean lower cost and less maintenance
  2. Reliability — built to last with simple design and heavy-duty construction
  3. Selection — a wide range of models to choose from so you get what you need
  4. Powerful — high impact, linear force and efficient energy transfer