Simply the Best Single-Drum Vibratory Roller.

The ideal tool for Pothole and Asphalt Repair Professionals.
Crafted with quality by VIBCO's Fabrication Team in Wyoming, RI, USA.

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The VIBCO VIbrators Pothole Patcher™ has been featured in...

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A Big Thank You 

You spoke, and we listened. 

A year of feedback, suggestions and input from DPW workers, city, town and municipality workers across America have come together to create our new GR-1600 Pothole Patcher™ for 2015.

Back in 1995, we developed the first GR-1600, a lightweight single drum vibratory roller, with an idea that we could help improve the quality of our roads.

In 2014, we gave away 22 of our GR-1600H Single-Drum Vibratory Rollers to cities and towns in Rhode Island as part of an effort to improve our roads.  Through that effort, we also gained an exceptional amount of feedback from the people who matter most...  the men and women who actually go out and fix our roads.

They let us know what they liked, what they LOVED, what they didn't like, and what really needed improving.

The New and Improved VIBCO GR-1600 Pothole Patcher™
A powerful single-drum vibratory roller that is lightweight, ergonomic, powerful, and durable.

New GR-1600H Features for 2015

  • Brand new handlebar design, made for comfort and control
  • Re-designed throttle control for easy reach
  • Improved sprinkler rod system
  • New belt housing guard and more

Never Fix the Same Pothole Twice

The GR-1600 has the ability to fix potholes permanently. With its 8-inch steel drum, lightweight frame (just under 89 pounds!), this small machine punches well above it's weight.

Potholes coming undone year after year? Just prepare your pothole for repair, lay down your hot or cold patch and slowly and evenly roll the patch into place. 

The added vibratory force helps to better consolidate patch material better than a plate compactor, throw-and-go methods or even just driving over patch with a car or truck.

Public Works Officials in Rhode Island and Massachusetts Using the Pothole Patcher™


Learn About How VIBCO and the GR-1600 Are Working to Fix America's Roads:


A Single Drum Vibratory Roller Made for Small Workforces and Tight Budgets

Got a small budget and a small team? The GR-1600 is the solution for you.

Single drum vibratory rollers don't need to be costly and heavy with hours of coordination to get a hold of one - especially if your town needs potholes fixed ASAP.

Time and money are always limited - especially at the state and town level. Every dollar counts when it comes to buying equipment to keep towns running and well maintained.

The GR-1600 is a tool that will last year after year and fix potholes in about the amount of time it  takes a worker to get in their truck and drive over a patch.