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VIBCO's Pothole Free Initiative

Pothole Free USA is an initiative to provide resources and equipment to towns, cities and municipalities to get their potholes permanently repaired. The initiative's hallmark product is the GR-1600 Pothole Patcher™, a small-drum vibratory roller compactor, a machine praised for it's ability to keep potholes fixed year after year with a permanent seal that holds up in the face of freeze-thaw cycles, rain and more.

The initiative started in spring 2014, VIBCO president Karl Wadensten issued an offer to all Rhode Island towns a free GR-1600 Pothole Patcher™ to alleviate their massive pothole problems.

VIBCO's promise attached with the Pothole Patcher™ is that it will permanently repair potholes and completely replace the throw-and-go method of pothole repair. 

Doesn't it make sense to have quality pothole repair equipment? A vibratory roller compactor and a fleet of asphalt repair products and tools that can get the job done and keep it done?


In Brookline, Massachusetts:


In Westerly, Rhode Island


In Somerset, Massachusetts

pothole-packer-demonstration-4-230x230-woonsocket-ri vibco vibrators

In Woonsocket, Rhode Island

vibco pothole-packer-demonstration-5-230x230-east-providence-ri

In East Providence, Rhode Island

pothole-packer-demonstration-6-230x230-cranston-ri-with-allen-fung vibco

From Cranston, Rhode Island with Mayor Allan Fung (left)

Small State, Big Potholes

Whether you're from Rhode Island or not, it's no small secret that Rhode Island has some of the worst roads in America. After each winter when the spring thaw occurs, the pothole reveal themselves and the state's motorists vent their anger at the disparaging state of the state's roadways.

Why are the potholes never filled is the common question among all of Rhode Island's motorists.

In March 2014, VIBCO president Karl Wadensten made an offer to the towns and cities of Rhode Island. He offered a free GR-1600 Pothole Patcher™ to each of the town's and municipalities to use to help fix their pothole problems.

Over half of the cities accepted the offer:

  • Woonsocket
  • Cumberland
  • Lincoln
  • Smithfield
  • Johnston
  • North Providence
  • Central Falls
  • Cranston
  • East Providence
  • Foster
  • Coventry
  • West Warwick
  • East Greenwich
  • Exeter
  • Richmond
  • Westerly
  • Warren

The response was overwhelmingly positive. 

The Pothole Patcher™ is a welcome addition to the town's Department of Public Works teams and road repair teams.

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Truly Common Sense Pothole Repair

We've seen it, we've experienced it - both as citizens, as drivers and as a resource to make sure that potholes get fixed and stay fixed.