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Top Quality Custom Vibrating Tables, Fastest Delivery

VIBCO's 50 years of vibration know-how mean that we can “tailormake” a vibrating table to fit your needs.  You decide the size, force, frequency and amplitude... and our Engineering department does the rest.

For example, we designed a FT 18” x 18” x 44” table with a variable high frequency vibrator for making molds for precision castings used in orthopedic surgery, such as hip joints, etc. The table had to be installed under a stationary microscope where work was done, so VIBCO designed the table to fit perfectly.

Let us design a table for you, call us today at 800-633-0032

Shown on the right is a custom US-RD 36x36 inch in Stainless Steel. VBCO engineers and craftsmen can create a table that will exceed your expectations.