VIBCO Products Vibra-Beam Countertop System™

VIBCO Vibra-Beam


VIBCO'S Vibra-Beam System™ is a 'state of the art'. patent pending vibration system. This light weight vibration system can be attached to any standard sawhorse allowing you to create a low cost vibratory table. A table capable of producing the tightest, most dense and void free finish for any concrete product.

The Vibra-Beam Countertop System™ is available in either 115/230 Volt AC power or pneumatic, offering a versatile, low cost, portable solution to concrete finishing. This system is easily adaptable to fit any countertop casting by simply adding an additional Vibra-Beams™.  VIBCO recommends a minimum of two Vibra-Beam™ unitsfor sections up to 8 feet in length.  This provides maximum vibration transfer.

100% Made In The USA, the design for the Vibra-Beam Countertop System™ draws for the best qualities of VIBCO's time tested industry standards. Scaled down to be easily portable for smaller applications, the Vibra-Beam™ still provides the quality engineered product for which VIBCO is known.

  • Totally Portable
  • Lightweight and small
  • Mounts to any standard sawhorse
  • Produces a tight, dense, void free finish, anywhere
  • A low cost alternative to a vibrating table