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Sending an email just takes a few seconds. Here's a template for you to use. Copy and paste into a new email. Fill in the blanks. Hit Send. Done.

Find the Contact Information for Your DPW Now

To the Department of Public Works of [town, city, municipality], 

As a resident of [town, city, municipality], I urge you to address the pothole problem on/at [location]. The pothole on/at [location] is a hazard to motorists and needs immediate attention. 

I strongly recommend you contact VIBCO Vibrators about their GR-1600 Pothole Patcher for fixing [location]'s potholes. Terrible road conditions like those in [location] cost U.S. motorists $67 billion per year in additional repairs and operating costs - or an average of $335 per driver

Needless to say, potholes are a serious problem. Each time a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle passes through [location], the motorist is risking damage to vehicle and person.

Also, it might interest you to know that in the United States:

  • Pothole damages cost drivers $6.4 billion a year according to a 2014 AAA report
  • Over the lifespan of a car, drivers can pay up to $2,000 or more in repair costs due to damages from poor road conditions
  • According to the Federal Highway Administration's 2001-2002 report, "the cost of repairing a pothole with a 'throw and go method' would be approximately $62 per pothole and the semi-permanent would cost $20 to repair."

As you can see, potholes are no small issue - nationally and locally. Please make the time needed to repair the pothole situation on/at  [location].

Thank you for your time,

[Your Name]

How VIBCO Helped to End Rhode Island's Pothole Problem:


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How to Find Your Department of Public Works:

1. Run a Google search for one or more of these terms plus the town you live in:

  • Department of public works
  • Bureau of public works
  • Public works
  • Public works administration

Sometimes Google will automatically render results based on your location. Using Providence, Rhode Island as an example:

department of public works search

2. Select the Town, City of Municipality's Website that Applies to You and Look for a Contact Us section of the site. 

The Providence DPW has a Contact Us section laid out very clearly for users of the site to see:

department of public works 2

3. Copy and Paste the Message Above into a Provided Message Field or in an Email

When the link is clicked, the user is taken to a page where they can see who is in charge of this particular department and a message form:

department of public works 3

All DPW websites have some way of contacting someone about street related problems. The Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts is very straightforward with their contact information.

dartmouth example

As does the New York Department of Labor's section devoted to Public Work projects:

ny example vibco vibrators potholes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the Department of Public Works?

The Department of Public Works (or DPW for short) is the governing body in control of a town, city or municipalities' public infrastructures.

What Do They Do?

Your local DPW oversees your town's roads, building safety, sewage and more. This is the organization to contact when there is an issue with a public road - like potholes - bridge or sewage line or something else immidiately endangering public well being.

Where Can I Find Them?

Most towns in the United States have a Department of Public Works. A quick Google search in conjunction with your location will usually yield all the DPW locations nearest you. 

What is the GR-1600?

The GR-1600 is VIBCO Vibrators' flagship pothole repair product. It's a lightweight, user-friendly vibratory roller. Among towns, cities, municipalities, DPWs and mayors it's been a big hit and the main tool to fix against pothole problems.

What Is the Pothole Patrol?

The Pothole Patrol is VIBCO Vibrators' initiative to end pothole problems in the state of Rhode Island. The Pothole Patrol began in 2013 by offering free GR-1600 Pothole Patchers to Rhode Island town DPWs and municipalities to help repair their roads with.