VIBCO Products - VS - silent turbine vibrator

VIBCO VS Silent Turbine Vibrators are an ideal choice for material conveying systems, hoppers, screeds, rough duty applications and concrete forms.

  • Use VIBCO VS Turbine Vibrators on any new installation or to replace your old, noisy, messy ball or piston vibrators.
  • VIBCO VS Turbine Vibrators feature a built-in muffler, are virtually noiseless, and are ideal for rough applications. 
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Available in a variety of food-grade and sanitary finishes
  • Patented Design that is virtually silent and maintenance free

silent turbine vibrator vs series vibco

The Facts

Noise — Turbine vibrators feature virtually silent operation — just 65-75 dB throughout their entire service life. As ball vibrators wear and the ball and ballrace become pitted, the noise they produce rises sharply and can reach up to 100 dB.

Maintenance — Turbine vibrators features sealed bearings that are prelubricated for life and do not require additional lubrication. Ball vibrators require airline lubrication.

Air Consumption — Ball vibrators draw up to 50% more air than comparable turbine vibrators. The ball in a ball vibrator takes up only 1/20 of the available space in the ball vibrator housing, so the majority of the air pushing the ball around the ballrace is wasted and exhausted. In contrast, a turbine vibrator's turbine fits snugly so almost all of the air that enters the housing is used to rotate the turbine and produce the desired vibration.

Longer Life — No metal to metal contact, no maintenance issues, and a lower susceptability to contamination and moisture all mean that you can expect your VIBCO turbine vibrator to outlast an equivalent ball vibrator 3 to 1.

Efficiency — Turbine vibrators feature high efficiency throughout their service life. A ball vibrator begins to lose speed and efficiency from the moment it is put into service because the ball and ballrace become pitted with use.

Why replace a ball vibrator with a 
turbine vibrator?

LOWER NOISE  — average turbine vibrator is around 72 dB

LOWER OPERATING COSTS— turbine vibrators do not require lubrication

LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION — turbine vibrators use 50% less air

LONGER LIFE — turbine vibrators typically outlast ball vibrators 3 to 1

GREATER EFFICIENCY — turbine vibrators maintain speed and efficiency throughout life vs. ball vibrators that start to lose speed and efficiency from the very start