VIBCO Products - PX Explosion Proof

vibco PX explosion proof electrics

MODEL PX - Explosion Proof

VIBCO now offers the first American made explosion proof motor vibrator in NEMA 42, 48, 56 and 182 frame sizes.
Model 2PX-200 and 4PX-350 in 42 frame and 2PX-450 and 4PX-700 in 48 frame, are supplied in 3 phase and single phase in Class 1 Group D, Div. 1 & 2.

Model 4PX-2000 in 56 frame and 4PX-5000 in182 frame, are supplied in 3 phase, Class 2 Group F & G. Div. 1 & 2.
The eccentrics have 6 adjustable force settings for easy adjustment to match impact force to applications.
Oversized roller bearings in Models 4PX-2000 & 4PX-5000 assure extra long life. Accessible lubricator nipples make them easy to lubricate. The other models have ball bearings which are pre-lubricated for life. VIBCO’s Heavy Duty Line is classified as Class II Div. 2.

A Versatile and Durable Solution

VIBCO's Silent electric vibrators are totally enclosed and can be used inside or outside, in dust, dirt, rain or snow. They solve a wide variety problems - speeding the flow of bulk materials through any size bin, hopper or chute, packing material in drums and bags, consolidating concrete, aiding the efficiency of material through screens - whatever your challenge, VIBCO has an electric vibrator solution.

VIBCO electric vibrators are long lasting and provide years of service under even the toughest conditions. We even offer some models specially designed for corrosive environments. Electric vibrators typically have 2-3 times the life expectancy of air-operated units.

Unmatched Depth and Breadth of Electric Vibrators

With more than 150 electric models to choose from, VIBCO has an electric vibrator to suit your specific needs including adjustable speed and force, heavy duty, high frequency and explosion proof models. VIBCO's Big BerthaTMDumpbody Vibrators and SandBusterTM Spreader Hopper Vibrators are perfect for trucking and mobile applications